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Well-being for body and mind

“Minna’s Methods consist of the very means that I myself have used to take care of my physical and mental endurance and aspired to top performances. The methods include thinking and attitude skills, welfare and mobility increasing, body disentangling and strengthening exercises, recovery and relaxation methods and visualization techniques." 

– Minna Tervamäki




 A star dancer in your event

Would you like to surprise your guests with a breathtaking dance performance? There are numerous solo acts in MinnaTervamäki’s repertoire, including the sensitive Dying Swan, the impressive Something Else, which among others includes music by Apocalyptica, the playful duet It Sax!, which is carried out together with saxophonist Timo Lassy, and Bright Shadow, a collaboration with accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen, a work that brings about almost a shamanic atmosphere. It’s also possible to tailor a completely unique programme with consideration to the event’s theme in an interesting way. Lectures or hosting sections can also be combined with the performance – or even air dancing!



Thinking skills and facing change

“In my lectures I want to shake people up to understand how unexpected situations can be turned into victories. Among other things I will speak about overcoming hardships and fears, facing change and exceeding oneself, in the way that I have experienced things. The power of attitude and the ability to take risks will carry you far. However, it is equally important to remain sensitive and able to receive feedback and take care of getting sufficient quality time to recover.” 

– Minna Tervamäki



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